Saturday, February 4, 2012


I laughed, sobbed, hiccupped, then threw up. My legs were gone! I hated this disease. Shouldn’t have walked around barefoot, but who would have known that what was merely bothersome for others, could almost kill someone else. 
Ok enough! Time to pull myself up by my bootstraps and move on. Diabetes will not defeat me!

Written for Bluebell Books Short Story Slam Week 20. Stop by and and read some really awesome writers:


  1. I am diabetic and recently had a very bad medical scare. The day after the doctors told me they'd been able to stop the infection, I woke up from the most horrific nightmare. I'd dreamed they hadn't been able to save my legs and had amputated them. I woke up in a cold sweat looking for my legs. I sat on the edge of my bed and cried for a long time. No more bare foot strolls for me.
    My oldest sister almost had to have her left leg amputated two years, but after tons of hospital time and skin grafts they were able to save it. As of last count I've lost two female cousins, one aunt and one uncle to this disease. It's a frightening disease and one that must be taken seriously.
    Thanks for your visit and the comment. Praying God's blessings on you. :-)