Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Fairies Did It!

Black & Whites Of Fairy World

     The ice cream disappeared, as if by magic. Everyone turned to look at me and fingers began to point.
     “There she is, the ice cream thief!!” my little brother shouted. “I just bought that gallon of Moose Tracks. It’s my favorite and I didn’t get any at all.”
     “Come on! There are eight of us in this house and I’m the one that gets accused?” my eyes filled with tears and a knot formed in my throat. “Fine believe what you want, but have you forgotten I hate that flavor? All I eat is French Vanilla! Stick your nose in everyone’s mouth and take a whiff. You should be able to tell who ate your doggoned ice cream,” I said sarcastically.
     Minutes later, with everyone glaring at me (again), we stood against the kitchen wall rolling our eyes as Petey actually took my suggestion seriously and smelled our breaths. Can you say gross!!
     He stood in front of me and demanded, “Open your mouth!” I refused for about 10 minutes, not because I was guilty, but because he made me so angry.
     “Aha!! She has sweet breath. She’s the culprit!!” he shouted.
     “You dork!! I’m diabetic, my breath’s always sweet!!” I shrieked. “Fine, fine," I huffed, "even though I didn’t do it, I’ll buy you another gallon and I hope you get fat!”
     The pleased smile on his face when I handed him the ice cream, almost made me whack him with the bag. Oh man!
     Standing outside my bedroom I took a deep breath and flung the door wide. The giggling and  buzzing of what sounded like bee’s wings stopped immediately.
     “It’s only me guys and thanks a lot! Stop stealing his ice cream. I keep getting in trouble for your pranks!”
     What can I say, I really like the little buggers; they’re so darned cute! It’s not like anyone would have believed me anyway. They’d think I was daft!
     I’d learned a very important lesson. Never bring fairies home or feed them ice cream. I bent over and picked up the empty Moose Tracks container and threw it in the closet with all the rest.

Written for: Thursday Poets Rally Week 70 (August 9-15, 2012)

Thanks for the opportunity!


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    1. Hey thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and read me. Praying blessings on your weekend.

  4. Sweet with an unexpected twist of events! Great work!

    1. Thanks so much ironisch for the taking the time to stop and read me. Appreciate the comment. May your day be wonderfully blessed.

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  6. Dear friend,
    There is a message in your post. I also admire a spiritual woman. Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts with us.

  7. I appreciate any and all honest critiques I receive from talented writers such as yourself, but mostly I'm just blessed that you took the time to visit and read me. Thanks so much!!

  8. First of all I would like to let you know that this is a beautiful piece. It's well written and the characters in it have life. I can feel the emotions of the narrator through her(?) thoughts and actions. She's just as playful as the fairies she was hiding and even without a full blown out story I can imagine other aspects of their lives.

    Next, it's about the post you commented on. I entered it in a very old competition and I'm not exactly sure how you got to it. =p I'm glad you directed me here anyway. It was a good read and thank you for your comment on my poetry.