Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Brightest Star

NGC 4414

     She hasn’t been here in so long, but still her laughter, warmth and love resound throughout the house and all the scents that made it Mom’s house; the garlic, onion, cilantro and tortillas are the perfume that made this house a home.

     In the living and dining room, I quickly swipe the dust off of the coffee and end tables and touching the piano keys, it’s almost as if I can still hear her playing it. Oh I miss those times when we’d all grab our instruments; the tambourine, guitar, congas, harmonica, scratcher, shaker and if necessary spoons and gathering around the piano we’d sing. We didn’t need any excuses to sing together, we just sang because we liked it and it made us feel good.

     Dad’s deep, beautiful, rich baritone and mom’s husky alto would join with our voices as we’d harmonize, singing the hymns we all loved so much; Amazing Grace, Old Rugged Cross, Are You Washed in the Blood, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus and He Can Turn the Tides.

     He Can Turn the Tides was always my favorite and at night I’d sit at my open window and sing it. I envisioned God’s hands as He lovingly shaped each planet, adding all the characteristics and terrain that would make it special and unique and could see His hands as He decided just exactly where the stars, suns, moons and galaxies should be hung. Would He use a giant crayon to color in the moons? Would He use oil or water paints to give the stars those amazing colors?

     For the life of me, I couldn't have told you which star was which, but what I did know was that God sure did have quite an artistic touch to Him and boy, was He ever creative. I’d lay down on my bed facing the night sky and gently slipping into dreams, I’d skate across the sky with stars under my feet while running my fingers through the galaxies and all the time feeling the warmth of God’s many suns on my face.

     I’ll be 51 years old this year, and still dreaming about playing out in space with all the cosmos at my fingertips. Of all God’s awesome creations I’m still in awe of His great work in creating space and all it’s worlds, but I think I’m most in awe of His creation of the brightest star in my sky, my mother. I miss you mom.

He Can Turn the Tides

Verse 1
He can turn the tides
And calm the angry sea.
He alone decides
Who writes a symphony.
He lights ev'ry star
That makes our darkness bright.
He keeps watch all through
Each long and lonely night.
He still finds the time
To hear a child's first prayer.
Saint or sinner call
And always find Him there.

Though it makes him sad
To see the way we live,
He'll always say, "I forgive."

Verse 2
He can grant a wish
Or make a dream come true.
He can paint the clouds
And turn the gray to blue.
He alone knows where
To find the rainbow's end.
He alone can see
What lies beyond the bend.
He can touch a tree
And turn the leaves to gold.
He knows every lie
That you and I have told.

Written by Richard Mullen/Jack Richards

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Thanks once again for the opportunity. Blessings!

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